Fida Is Bloody Awesome

As a continuum for our monthly Bloody Awesome Award, this month we wanted to take some time to show our appreciation for an exceptional organization that is breaking taboos, silencing stigmas and spreading vital education, knowledge, advice, and sustainable period products around Tanzania.  

The May Bloody Awesome Award goes to Fida International!   

*Standing ovation*   

We have been thrilled to partner with  Fida  International, an organization focusing on helping underprivileged people and their rights. They have been in Tanzania collecting information about menstruation  and doing  important  educational  work to improve sexual health awareness. Their research has taught us that the communities are very open for MHM education, so in honour of the upcoming Menstrual Hygiene Day, we will be posting stories from Fida's MHM-ambassadors and following their life-changing work in Africa.

Congrats about the Bloody Awesome award! We have been working together for a few years now! Do you have any favourite moments or campaigns we have done together?   

Thanks so much! It is an absolute joy to work together. 😊 

One of the very inspiring experiences has been the first workshop in Tanzania with our new Menstrual Health Ambassadors from four East-African countries. Sharing menstrual health knowledge and cultural challenges made us all determined to work together to break menstrual taboos and breaking the silence around many issues in the communities. Our new ambassadors were also so happy about the menstrual cup that they even made a rap song about it! 

Can you tell a little bit about the work Fida does in co-operation with Lunette in the East-Africa? 

We are partnering with the local churches in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Congo DR to create environment for sustainable menstrual health. That is done through advocacy, education and awareness raising.

What do you think is the most rewarding in what you do? 

The most rewarding thing is to see girls and boys / women and men learning new things and discussing together about the topics that they have been silent for all these years. We can relieve shame and suffering around many natural topics. Also it is a privilege to empower girls and women to take care of their menstrual hygiene with ease and dignity - and in a sustainable way - thanks to the cup!

Why do you think menstrual health education is so important? 

When educating about menstrual health we will not only make lives of girls and women easier, but many times also end up speaking about other important topics of sexual and reproductive health. Education can really change lives! 

What kind of change would you wish to see in the world for menstrual health?   

That no one would be left behind or miss their opportunities - such as going to school - because of such a bloody awesome thing as menstruation!