So, how did Lunette start?

Heli Kurjanen had a vision about the future of period care. Tired of bleeding into tampons and pads, she decided to buy a menstrual cup online, only to find that these things also didn’t work for her. However, the freedom and flexibility of a menstrual cup sparked a light in her brain. Why not make my own menstrual cup, one that actually works for me?

With laser vision and improved design rooted in safety, ease, and comfort (and compatible for women of every age, shape, size and childbearing stage), Heli led the charge to create the world’s top menstrual cup – Lunette.

Heli’s home country, Finland, took Lunette by storm. Sales were strong, which helped Lunette go international. Team Lunette believes in bringing education, opportunities, and intelligent period care solutions for every menstruating person on the planet – because no one deserves to stop their normal day-to-day life just because they don’t have access to safe and comfortable menstrual care.

Lunette is all about liberation. We’re advocates of individuality without selfishness, community without conformity and of course equality for all. You don’t need anyone to “empower” you, because you already have the power within to liberate yourself from external expectations, limitations and period care products that are bad for your body and the environment.


We lead by example, practicing period positivity and shame-free bleeding.


No matter how you identify, you're welcome here with open arms.


We are committed to leaving the earth better than we found it.


We believe Lunette is the future of period care.


Everyone with a uterus deserves easy access to period care products.


By educating people about menstruation, we are activating the power within.

Heli Kurjanen
CEO CEO & Founder, Lunette
Leader of Period Revolution

Cathy Chapman
Chief of Menstrual Matters
President, Lune North America Inc.

Susan Johns
Period hero, New Zealand

Sonja Karjalainen
COO, Lunette
Period ninja

Suzan Hutchinson
Flow master, operations USA

Mira Mäkelä
Period hero, Finland

Eija Tiittanen
Flow master, operations

Nelli Jokela
Flow master

Jenny Alhonen
Bloody creative

Meri Virtanen
Menstrual mentor

Hannele Pilzer
Menstrual mentor, German speaking countries

Maryann Good
menstrual mentor

Ruth Alflat
The Bloody Brit

Carita Andersen
Period Hero

Elina Rydman
Period witch