Green Your Teens’ Period With Modern Reusable Menstrual Products

The time has finally come – your teen has started their period (or is about to), and not only is it time to talk about what to expect, but you also have to give them options when it comes to period products. This blog covers the modern reusable options available, and if you’re a teen reading this, then kudos to you! Chances are you’re already thinking about the environmental impact of conventional menstrual hygiene products and the costs involved.

We seem to have gone full circle, from rags made into cloth pads in our grandparents’ day, to disposable pads and tampons that revolutionised the 60’s and 70’s, and now back to modern re-usable menstrual products. Many teens are now moving away from conventional disposable pads and tampons and looking for re-usable options that suit their lifestyle.

Lunette Menstrual Cup, your vagina’s new bff

Although Lunette Cup has two sizes, the model 1 menstrual cup was designed especially with teens in mind. It is smaller, and the silicone is softer and squishier for easier insertion. It holds up to 25ml of menstrual fluid (2-3 super tampons) and can be worn overnight. We have plenty of tips for first time use here and have had positive feedback from menstruators as young as 12 rocking their monthlies with a Lunette model 1. Remember that practice makes perfect, and to allow 3-4 cycles to master how to use a menstrual cup. You can also get a starter pack which includes Modibodi period pants with your Lunette Menstrual Cup for extra confidence. 

Ditch your disposables, meet Modibodi period underwear

Modibodi period underwear holds a mighty 15ml (1-2 regular tampons) of blood. These awesome period pants will keep your teen (and you if you menstruate) confident and comfortable. The absorbent gusset is a super thin 3mm, made from merino wool and bamboo with a breathable, moisture wicking top layer. Your teen can wear them all day at school like normal underwear. This is a great option for early menstruators who are still getting to know their own body and period cycle. Modibodi period pants come in teen and tween sizes from size 02 (8-10 years) through to size 6 (12-14 years).

Want more reusable options? There’s also cloth pads!

Because we know menstrual cups aren’t for everyone, we’re happy to tell you that reusable cloth pads are a great option for those who are still learning about their flow, or simply can’t use menstrual cups. They are a triple layer pad with a patterned waterproof backing, bamboo core and a colourful bamboo velour top. The wings and snaps help keep the pad from moving around in the gusset of the underpants.

Below you will find how mums in Australia and New Zealand were talking with their kids about periods and green period options!

“I bought some reusable cloth pads at a local school market. The designs were really pretty, and my tweens asked what they were. It was a great conversation opener and I was surprised how well the conversation went, they were very open to the idea of reusables.”

“I already use a menstrual cup so it wasn’t a difficult conversation for us, my tween has seen it “sunning” on the window sill at the end of my cycle. When they asked I kept it really casual like this, “That’s just my menstrual cup, I use it for my period, what colour menstrual cup do you think you will use?”

“The Modibodi period underwear are awesome, I have bought a pair for my tween and although they haven’t started their period yet, we have talked about what to do if it happens at school, so they are in the school bag just in case”.

“I was caught out by my period one month and ended up with spotted white underwear, I was at home and thought it was a good opportunity to show my tween, I said something like, “Look I just got my period when I wasn’t expecting it, this is probably what it will look like when you first get your period”

Learning about green period care options at school

If your tween has had the period talk at school and reusable period products weren’t mentioned, it would be a great idea to put the school in touch with the Sustainable Period Project, who are supplying a resource kit to every high school in Australia and New Zealand. The project is due to be completed by 2020. Each kit includes samples of biodegradable pads, cloth pads, period underwear and menstrual cups, as well as resources for the teachers to use. Teachers using the resource kits say that students have been very receptive and open to the idea of reusable period products, especially with the presence of outside influences such as Plastic-Free July, War on waste, and Zero-Waste movements.