Heading to the beach? Don’t forget your Lunette cup!

Okay okay, summer is one of our favorite seasons at the Lunette HQ. We get to forget about the winter scarves and coats, and bring out the trendy swimsuits and sandals – oh and eat açaí bowls all day everyday. Those endless summer nights, tan lines, hikes, and the beach – it’s truly paradise for three straight months. Whether you live 5 minutes from the beach or have to take a plane to get some sand between your toes, you’re bound to get your period on one of those beach trips! Don’t let your period stop you from getting in the water and getting your tan on (with SPF protection of course). 

This is you before Lunette

You’re scared to go to the beach with your friends because you don’t like tampons and you simply can’t show up in a diaper! You have to sacrifice an entire week every month this summer because you’re scared you might start bleeding profusely and get attacked by a shark. If you do wear tampons, you’re scared your crush might see an unexpected string hanging from your vagina...Ha! Oh the days before you used a menstrual cup. 

This is you after Lunette (and forever)

It’s as if the stars aligned and everything is right in the world…okay we’ll keep dreaming but using a menstrual cup is pretty darn close! You can finally stop worrying about your tampon string popping out of your swim suit, and never have to sit in your own diaper *pad* again! Now that tampons and pads are out and menstrual cups are in, you won’t have to constantly keep changing stuff down there. Lunette cup keeps you safe and leak-free for up to 12 hours. Beach volleyball on my period? COUNT ME IN!

So now that you know how easy it will be while you’re menstruating at the beach, start making some plans because with Lunette you are free to enjoy life as if you weren’t on your period! Swim until your fingers turn wrinkly and you have enough sand in your butt to fill an entire backyard. Oh, and if you’re one of those people who likes to pee in the ocean and skip the bathrooms that are miles away from your towel, pee away­ – your menstrual cup isn’t going anywhere ;).

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