How To Have Period Sex

For a long time, the idea of having sex on your period was a complete no-no - for both men and women. It was considered unclean or just unsavory. But, thankfully, attitudes are changing and around a third of couples interviewed by said they were interested in giving it a go. In another survey of over 500 people 30% of women said they actually want to have more sex on their period than any other time.

Getting down and dirty

The biggest deterrent from having period sex is the mess. If you have intercourse during your menstrual cycle, there’s going to be a certain amount of blood involved. Not painful, “ow I’ve cut myself” blood. Just completely normal, natural period blood. Perfectly safe. Nothing to be scared of.

But, it’s best to be honest and upfront about it before your partner gets the shock of their lives. It really doesn’t have to be a big deal, but if you’re not sure how to broach the subject, check out ‘How to Talk to Your Partner about Period Sex’.

Top tips for top period sex

Gigi Engle, a sex educator and writer, has some great advice for couples wanting to have period sex:

  1. Invest in some period towels – ideally red ones. Simply slip them under you before you get going and pop them in the washing machine after.
  2. Head for the shower. The weird thing about shower sex is that your vagina’s natural lubricants can get washed away by the water, making you dry in the wet. That all changes when you’re on your period. The blood gives you much more lubrication, so it’s the best shower sex of the month. Plus, the water washes away any mess. Win win.
  3. Embrace the mess. It’s only blood. If neither of you are put off by it, play with it. Try some finger painting or go all out with primal role play. There’s something very animalistic about blood.
  4. Have fun. Sex doesn’t just have to be penetrative. Grab hold of some clitoral sex toys, like Eva II or Fin and let those orgasms fly! Just wash them in warm water after and they’re as good as new.
  5. If you’re asking yourself “can I have sex with a period cup?”, the answer’s yes. You have two choices. You can either take it out before penetrative sex or, if you’re in the middle of a heavy flow, you can enjoy oral sex instead. That way your menstrual cup can stay right where it is.