Lunette Moodsmooth Remedy Oil - The Natural Remedy For Menstrual Symptoms

Let’s face it, periods can be a pain (literally) that can leave you feeling out of balance both mentally and physically.

At Lunette we’re all about period power and getting you back to feeling You, in ways that are good for your body (and soul).

Now you can sooth those aches and revitalise your mind whilst surrounding yourself in other-worldly gorgeous scents.

Say Hello to your new period companion, Lunette Moodsmooth Remedy oil. This all-natural, handy-sized bottle of loveliness helps relieve menstrual symptoms of both the mind and body...and makes you smell like a goddess too!

Made in collaboration with Frantsila (a family-run organic herb farm in Finland), it’s owner Virpi Raipala-Cormier is the pioneer of Finnish Aromatherapy.

“We attach great importance to people having natural means of self-care, such as alleviating menstrual pain, and natural means are often healthier. The more naturally you treat yourself, the better you are to the world.” Virpi says.

Frantsilan herbs, which are GMO free and cruelty free, are grown in their own fields and collected from the forests. Lunette’s Moodsmooth Remedy oil is made from carefully selected ingredients that are known to be pain relievers, stress reducers and mood enhancers.


All the ingredients are pure and all-natural aromatic oils from the perfect plants, without any artificial additives.

“The basis for the aromatherapy oil is jojoba oil, slowly extracted St. John’s wort that calms stress and helps reduce muscle pain and cramps.” Virpi says as she takes us through the other effects of these wonderful ingredients:

  • ST. JOHN'S WORT to improve mood and the quality of sleep.
  • ORANGE gives energy and stimulates.
  • LAVENDER is called the "mother of essential oils" because it gently effects many ailments. It balances mood swings, calms the mind before bedtime and helps balance the functioning of the stomach.
  • JUNIPER strengthens muscles and metabolism.
  • NORTHERN LABRADOR TEA provides support for the management of pain and emotional turmoil.
  • CHICKWEED purifies the mind.
  • WHITE WATER LILY strengthens the spirit.


The Moodsmooth aromatherapy oil acts in two ways: through the skin and through the nose.

You can apply it directly to the pain areas on your body and also areas of the face like your temples and eyebrows (the best places for the scent to take effect).
You can also apply it to pulse points, such as the ears, wrists and chest area.

It comes in a convenient, small roll-on bottle so it’s easy to pop in your handbag and have at the ready whenever you need.

Create a space of heavenly-scented calm, for a body at ease, no matter where you are.

Get your hands on your own bottle of Moodsmooth Remedy oil now:

All the materials and manufacturing processes meet European natural cosmetics standards.