Menstruators of the world, unite for Menstrual Hygiene Day!

Every year on May 28th, Menstrual Hygiene Day  is celebrated in order to break the silence and build awareness about the fundamental role that good menstrual hygiene management (MHM) plays in enabling menstruating people to reach their full potential. This year, Lunette wanted to focus on the similarities of the challenges menstruators face around the world because no matter what part of the world we come from menstruation is a taboo subject everywhere - we have all faced some shame or embarrassment in one way or another.

We were so thrilled to have partnered with  Fida  International, an organization focusing on helping underprivileged people and their rights, who has been in Tanzania collecting information about menstruation  and doing  important  educational  work.  What we learned from their research was that the communities are very open for MHM education! 

Have you ever wondered if the same issues you have about your period are the same in other countries of the world?

One thing we all have in common is not having open conversations about menstruation. We often feel embarrassed and ashamed because society has made us believe it is a “private” problem.  

NEWS FLASH!! Half the population gets it, so why are we still hiding our menstrual products under our sleeves or afraid about having a stain on our clothes?

We at Lunette want to fight and break the menstrual stigma around the world and unite rather than isolate those who menstruate.  Everyone has the right to MHM education, as well as safe and healthy menstrual care products to choose from.

How do we think we can break the menstrual taboo? The answer is simple: education! Being knowledgeable about menstrual hygiene management and having open discussions about menstruation is critical to break the shame that so many people have LEARNED to have. We also believe people should have options when it comes to menstrual care products, which is why we want to educate communities across the globe about MHM. The work we do with menstrual educators will help spread that message, as well as give people who menstruate options of what they want to use – whether it be a menstrual cup, tampon, pad or cloth! 

That is why Lunette has  partnered  with Fida! 

The aim of the project is to bring more education  and  knowledge to  communities  about menstruation  and  reproductive  health and  increase the knowledge of menstrual cups and how to use them.  In the project, trainings will be arranged in schools by trained instructors. An  important part of the project is to include also men and boys to the menstrual hygiene management. Why this is important? See the video below! 


Why menstrual cups?

One of the biggest issues especially in the rural areas in Tanzania is the difficulty to access or afford menstrual care products.  Menstrual cup is a good option in low resource setting because it is economical, ecological  and  easy to clean with very little water and soap. A menstrual cup lasts for  years  so it is handy option in settings where access to other menstrual care products is  difficult  and waste disposal system is not that developed.  

Want to be part of the change and help the cause in Tanzania?  

In celebration of Menstrual Hygiene Day on the 28th of May, we are donating one Lunette Menstrual Cup per each cup purchased from our online store  between Saturday the 26th  and Monday the 28th  of May to Fida International to be used in the project in Tanzania!  So it's a perfect time to get shopping and help an another menstruator in need! 

The more we talk about periods the less shameful we feel; and the less shameful we feel, the more powerful we are!

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