Red Carpet, Meet Lunette

From actor Jamie Foxx to model Joy Corrigan, celebrities at the Emmy's were thrilled to hang out with us at Kari Feinstein's Style Lounge for the Emmy's this past week.

One of our main goals for sponsoring this event was to bring period talk to the mainstream. And talk about periods we did! We chatted with celebs like Shanola Hampton, Betty Who, Justin Baldwin, Trinitee Stokes, and Adina Porter about menstrual cups, the important of easy access to menstrual care products and, of course, our work with

It wasn't just the women who were excited about Lunette's mission (though one did boldly announce "I'm wearing my menstrual cup right now!"). The men at the Style Lounge were equally as intrigued. Mission accomplished!

Adina Porter

Allen Maldonado

 Anna Lyn McCord

Audrey Moore

Betty Who

Beverley Mitchell

Cameron Monaghan and Heli Kurjanen