Summer and The Periods

The sun shines, it is +30 degreeds out there – and you have your periods with cramps and super oppresive feeling. Sounds familiar? Periods can be a real pain in the a** (pardon my French) when the weather screams ”Come out, go to the beach, enjoy the sun” but your body says ”I just wanna lay in the bed with 5 kilos of chocolate”. With these Lunette tips you can still enjoy the great weather even though you have your ”that time in the month”!

1. Drink

When it’s hot and moist out there your body needs more fluids than ever. Favour mineral waters with extra magnesium, home made ice tea or light juice. Sweet and sugarfull sodas won’t help and give you just extra calories. Having magnesium enough is important, so during the hot weather you can get some addition magnesium from organic food stores or drugstores.

2. Try out chia

If you happen to have chia seeds in you cupboard try this cool chiabased drink that even the celebrities favour. Mix 1-2 tablespoons of chia seeds and about half a litre of cold water. Sip during the day. From this drink you get protein and fibers that are healthy for you stomach. It also makes you feel full whitch is a good thing if you don’t feel like eating a lot.

3. The heat with periods can make you cranky, accept it

Periods alone can make you moody and you can be more displeased because of the heat. Try to avoid spreading your bad mood. Go swimming, hang out with your friends and do things that make you happy.

4. Excersise but not too much

Excersising hard is even harder during the heat. But doing some sport may help you with cramps. Try to go jogging early in the morning or late at night when it’s not so hot or take a dip to lake. You can do all this safely with Lunette cup.

5. Eat right

You may not be feeling like eating a lot during the heat but on the other hand you might be craving for salty snacks. And then sweets. And then salty again. Try to avoid your desires and have some salad and vegetables instead. You'll feel a lot better than after a xxl bag of chips.

+ Remember to enjoy!

Not all countries have the sun and heat every day so try to enjoy all days that you don’t have to wear coat and gloves 24/7. When it’s snowing and you’re freezing even with your blanket on, think back the days you weren’t even considering to wear anything else than bikini. It makes you feel good and warm and you'll start to make plans for your next, amazing summer!

Do you have amazing tips to survivor in the heat during your periods? Let us know useing #lunette and #lunettecup