When did you get your first period? Teens with a uterus usually start their first period around the ages of 10-15. Although some young menstruators will be educated on what to expect before and during their period, there are many young teens who won’t.

The shocking truth is that in some countries nearly half of the people getting their period for the first time don’t know what is happening to them. With 60% feeling scared, 58% feeling embarrassed and nearly half saying they didn’t feel confident enough to tell anyone about it.

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Period Power: Education and Periods In Australia and New Zealand
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Recently we’ve been shedding some light on  why periods are powerful in society, not just in developing countries but right on our front door step too. From #PeriodPoverty, to girls missing out on school and even period shaming through the media (ugh, not cool!) we’ve still got a long way to go for menstruation equality! That’s why we’re all about the #PeriodPower this year. Over the next few weeks we’ll be diving into how people are affected by attitudes towards periods in different walks of life including in schools, prisons, homelessness and beyond. Why are we talking about periods in...

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Period Power: Periods in the Workplace
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According to the University of Otago, which analysed the latest census data from 2013, more than 40,000 people, or one in 100 New Zealanders, are now homeless. This includes those living rough, in emergency housing or living in substandard garages, and does not include those living in emergency accommodation such as night shelters.
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Period Power: Homelessness and Periods In New Zealand
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