Turn Your Fail Into a Win- Like a Boss!

If you bleed, you’ve had a #periodfail. It just comes with the territory. Maybe it was on a first date (WHY DID I WEAR THOSE WHITE JEAN SHORTS??!!) Or being at someone’s house and afraid to put that used tampon wrapped in toilet paper in the completely empty and open wastebasket. I think most of us can admit we’ve had a moment in time where we have felt like we had just totally had a #periodfail.

Team Lunette is determined to take the shame out of bleeding- a totally natural, healthy function of life- and to turn these #periodfails into #periodwins.

Let me share my early #periodfail with all of you:

I was 13 at a pool party. Never mind that I was already super self conscious about my boobs. (Backstory: Earlier at camp a boy called me “indent” because my boobs did not stick out like Meredith and Johanna’s.)But nonetheless there I was, splashing away having a great time, and psyched for the ice cream cake from Carvel that we were all about to pounce on. And then, “Ewwwwwwwww!!” A piercing shriek that could only be the timber of a pre-pubescent boy discovering a bodily function for the first time. “Sheeeeee hassss blooood in her underpantsssss!!!”

“Please God let it not be me, please god let it not be me.” I prayed as if I was in Pol Pot’s firing line about to die.

Well, it was me. The school bully, (or “asshole” as I liked to call him,) had decided to throw all the girls’ underpants in the pool. “Asshole” had determined that I was indeed the owner of the panties with the menstrual blood on them. I wanted to disappear like a dead leaf into the pool cleaning vent.

Looking back I wish I said, “Listen idiot, yes, that is MY blood because I am a healthy functioning WOMAN who is having their period just like YOUR MAMA had in order to have your sorry ass! Go back to science class and learn something!”

Share your #periodfail

And check this out menstruating people, THIS is my LUNETTE CUP and it ROCKS! (Except that Lunette had not been invented yet in the mid 80s!) And by the way, what kind of person throws underpants in the pool? The good news is, I grew up to be an awesome, empowered, bad-ass woman.

This #periodfail was just one moment in time, and now I know that I’m not alone in having an awkward period moment. Let’s bond together to change the stigma around periods. So, please share your #periodfail!