Period Power: What you can do to support the movement

Lunette’s mission this year is all about #PeriodPower! For the past few weeks we’ve been talking a lot about why periods are powerful, how we can start to break the taboos and spreading the word on social media.

Which is all well and good but….does anyone else feel a bit disheartened by it all? We believe it’s so important to share the realities of how people’s quality of life can be negatively affected by menstruation all over the world and, crucially, how it doesn’t have to be like that at all!

But it can feel a like a big problem. As an international company of passionate people we’re still constantly asking ourselves “how can we do more?”.

As individuals it can feel a whole lot more overwhelming. How can we change the conversation around periods? How can we help our fellow menstruators have better periods and change our cultures to ditch the taboos?

And after a turbulent year to say the least, politically, economically, and for real some super weird stuff happening on can all just feel like too much for any one person.

But there are some things you can do in your day to day, big and small, that can make a massive difference and help promote #PeriodPower.

What you can do

Talk about periods!

You would not believe the affect a simple conversation can have on someone else’s experiences and attitudes. When we talk about taboos we start to break them down! Read our latest blog post on how to talk about periods.

Join in online

Whether you love or loathe social media there’s no denying it can be one of our greatest tools in shaping our culture. It really does give a voice to those people and causes that might not normally have one. Follow period positive thought leaders online, get involved with the hashtags and use your channels to spread the positive vibes.

Here are some for you to start with:

#PeriodProblems (because sharing is caring yo)

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Stay informed

Knowledge is power! Especially when that knowledge spreads and ends up in the hands of those who really need it the most. Still not totally sure when to use the word vulva or vagina? Or what exactly is going on during the whole of your menstrual cycle? You are not alone, don’t worry. Now is the time to own that period knowledge!
Check out the Learn section of the Lunette website and our blog for more.

Find local organisations

You’d be surprised what is already happening on your doorstep in the name of #PeriodPower! Whether it’s places you can donate to, promote or support in whatever way you can, you never know what a difference you can be making for someone.

On your next coffee break have a quick Google around or see which organisations are using the hashtags we mentioned earlier.

Can’t find anything? Start your own! Most of these great initiatives started off as a small group of like minded people who just wanted to collect and donate supplies to food banks or charities. Any contribution makes a HUGE difference to someone.)

Get political

Because when we change laws and legislation, we change the lives of everyone, not just the few. For example, not long ago Scotland became the first country in the world to promise to provide period products in all schools, colleges and universities. Our voices and votes really do matter!

Make sure your representative in parliament is keyed up on these issues, attend protests and keep spreading the word.

Vote with your wallet

When you buy products from a brand you are also supporting their missions and values. So be sure to choose companies and organisations who you trust and have the best at heart! How are they talking about periods? Are they inclusive in how they talk about them? How do they support other organisations and charities?

Look after yourself

...especially during your period! We can’t change the world in a day and sometimes the little stuff we do is enough. Even by reading this blog post you’re taking the time to support an important movement and that’s a great thing.

Remember, we can help others most when we feel at our best in both body and mind!

Any others ways you can think to support #PeriodPower and period positivity? Got a favourite organisation we can help promote?

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