Why Your Best Friend Just Chose Lunette

If there’s one person who’s truly got your back, it’s your BFF. You know they’ll always tell you if you’ve got lipstick on your teeth or when the person you’re dating is bad news.

And if they discover something they know will make your life infinitely more awesome, you’re going to hear about it - like a Lunette Cup.

Through real customer stories, find out why Lunette users would totally recommend our cup to their besties over other brands and sanitary products. 

“Super easy to use”

The idea of using a Lunette Cup can be pretty scary for first-time users. But the reality is far less fearsome. Take it from one newbie

“I was intrigued but a little freaked out when I first got my Lunette Cup - I'm not super comfortable with putting my fingers in my vagina (I've always used tampons with applicators). But, after one cycle, I'm sold. This thing is AWESOME. It only took me a few days to figure out how to use my cup and it's actually super easy to use. I was surprised at how quickly I got comfortable with inserting and removing it.” 

This cool cat also had a similar experience:

“Since I was a beginner, it took me a few days to get really comfortable with using the cup. But it was easy to master and now I can insert and remove it quickly.”

Hot hint for easy insertion: knowing your anatomy makes using a Lunette Cup MUCH easier and quicker to grasp. Use this nifty guide to get body-savvy! 

“I’m a beginner and I’ve never had a leak!” 

Leakage is the last thing you want to deal with while on your period, especially when you’re out and about. Since a period cup doesn’t absorb blood like a tampon or sanitary pad, it’s natural to assume that leakage is more likely to happen. But is this really the case?

Absolutely not! As one Lunette customer explains, her period blood isn't going anywhere when using our cup: 

“The Lunette Cup is SO good at preventing leaks due to its suction. I wore reusable pantyliners throughout my period but I didn't need to - unless it’s during removal, I never see any blood. Using a cup gives you so much more control over your period. Everyone should use one!” 

They are not the only user to love Lunette for this reason: 

“When I used tampons, I would go through about 25 per cycle. Most of which were super size and they ALWAYS leaked. They were so uncomfortable and wasteful. Switching to a Lunette Cup means I never have leaks now and I feel AMAZING not needing tampons anymore!” 

Another Lunette fan explained how zero leakage makes them feel squeaky clean:

“The number one benefit, IMO, is how clean I feel when I use my Lunette. Because it is not porous like a tampon but instead forms a barrier that hugs your body, there's zero leakage. The Lunette Cup prevents me from feeling sticky and uncomfortable, and because all the blood is kept inside your body without oxygen, it's not stinky either! This improves my mood so much.”

Top tip for zero leakage: Make sure the air holes at the top of the cup are open. Then it will form a seal for secure suction to your vaginal walls. 

“The most comfortable thing on the planet”

Easy to use: check. No leakage: check. But what about comfort? Can a Lunette Cup really be more comfortable than a tampon? Our customers say YES

“It is a lot more comfortable than tampons and pads. Plus, I'm not worrying about leaking throughout the day. [...] I've worn it at home, at work, at the gym, in bed and it ALWAYS feels comfortable.”

“This drastically decreases the hassle of periods. It's incredibly comfortable and doesn't irritate you after days of use like tampons.” 

Meanwhile, this customer shared how our cup reigns supreme over others on the comfort scale: 

“The [medical-grade silicone] of the Lunette cup is much more flexible than the Diva Cup Model 1, so it’s easier to insert and remove. The Lunette Model 1 is also shorter and after trimming the stem of the Lunette, I can’t feel it at all when inserted. The Diva Cup caused me a lot of pain when wearing because of its length and inflexibility. I forgot a few times I was even on my period when I used my Lunette Cup [...] it’s the most comfortable thing on the planet!”

Boundless comfort in one easy step: while our stem is flat and flexible, some users find that they can still feel it during use. If it’s uncomfortable, you can trim it as shown in this video

“Lunette has literally changed my life”

It’s like owning your first car or discovering Ben and Jerry’s vegan ice cream - making the transition to Lunette will make your life 100% more sparkly, as one of our lovely customers revealed: 

“For 15 years, my period has ruined everything, every day, every moment I was on it, every vacation, every holiday, EVERYTHING! Frankly, I feel like crying as I write this because the last two days have been SOOOO wonderful! I'm heading to a baby shower at a park today and I don't feel worried that I'll have to leave or walk around soiled and smelly. I don't have to wear a tampon AND pad at the same time, I don't have to think about it at all. FREE AT LAST!”

Lots more users share this sentiment

“Lunette has literally changed my life. Who knew a period could be so simple and hassle-free? It’s like I am not even on it! This cup holds 20ml of blood - compared to the average tampon holding 5ml - so I only change it in the morning and evening. The rest of the time: complete peace of mind. The cup is discreet (nobody has any clue what it is), pliable and undetectable after insertion.”

Plus, for many of our customers, the biggest benefit of using a Lunette Cup is having the freedom to do what they love unrestricted by their periods:

“I CAN DO ANYTHING. Swimming, running, toe touches ... Also sleeping while on my period is not an issue; I can finally sleep in (and in any position) and not have to worry about leaking.”

Pro cleaning trick for avid adventurers: use our environmentally-friendly CupWipes to clean your Lunette Cup seamlessly on-the-go.  

Trust Your Bestie When They Tell You ...

… that you’ll never look back when you invest in a Lunette Cup

Just remember to get clued-up on your anatomy and give yourself time to get adjusted to using a cup. Once you’ve nailed insertion and removal, you’ll be liberated from ALL your period woes. 

Need some help picking the perfect cup for you? Get ultra-fast answers from our clever Menstrual Mentor Bot. Or if you want to speak to a human, pop us a message at info@lunette.com and one of our cup experts will get back to you in no time.