"...I've got a secret that I want to share..." 

   was the title of an email that Elizabeth received from a friend in 2007.  Intrigued, she opened the email and found that her friend was using a "menstrual cup". She had only heard of a menstrual cup once before, but had never met anyone who used one, and didn't really know much about them. Her friend found these cups so wonderful, convenient and comfortable that she felt inspired to share this phenomenal product with her friends. The email had a link to Lunette...  

Elizabeth, a registered nurse and midwife, and her business partner and sister Carol, a physiotherapist, set up the Sydney-based company EcoHealth in 2007. Their third sister Susan, a clinical dietitian, moved to NZ in 2015 with her Kiwi hubby and is the NZ branch of the company.  The team at Lunette Australia & NZ has a passion not only for womens health, but also to help and inspire other women to be the best that they can be. The Lunette menstrual cup fits perfectly into this vision.

Elizabeth, Susan & Carol - Team Lunette Australia & NZ