Our founder, Heli, designed Lunette for a better fit and a better grip. Now, Lunette is the most widely distributed period cup in the world and the only one with a 100% clean track record in consumer tests.

Super loyal users

Those who have tried other brands tell us why they’ve switched back to Lunette. Don’t just take our word for it, read our user stories.

Setting the standards since 2005

Lunette is designed by Heli, founded by Heli, and run by her mostly female team. Read Heli’s story and the company mission.

100 % clean track record

Menstrual cups are a safe way to manage your period. Still, only Lunette cleared the Danish chemical safety test.

"The menstrual cup Lunette Clear is the only cup in the test that receives the best chemical rating. It contained none of the problematic substances analyzed in the test".

People love Lunette

99% of users would recommend Lunette Menstrual Cup to their friends*

* For real! We (almost) couldn't believe it either. Lunette Customer Survey 2018, 1903 answers