About to Buy a Lunette Cup? You Need to Read This

Your finger is caressing the ‘Buy’ button for a Lunette Cup … you want to press it. But you’re not 100% sure it’s the right decision for you. 

I get it. If you’ve not used a menstrual cup before, it can be daunting. Will it work for your body? 

Let’s talk about why a Lunette Cup will spice up your life and cover some cup basics. Free yourself from doubt and prepare for the fabulous changes to come. 

Freedom Tastes Sweet 

The best thing about using a Lunette Cup? You’re liberated from period-hassle in exquisite ways ...

No more scheduling hobbies or trips around your period.

A Lunette Cup eliminates leakage. You can swim, party, work-out or even go skydiving without fear of ruining your underwear. Talk about a win. 

No more: “Uh-oh, I’ve run out!”

Unlike tampons or pads, you can wear your cup for up to 12 hours AND it’s reusable (a Lunette Cup can last several years). You never have to worry about forgetting to pack an emergency tampon again. 

No more major expense.

In the long-term, your period costs you a lot less. Swap your tampons for a Lunette Cup and you could save around $211 over five years. Or if you’re replacing pads, save around $400 (hell yas!). 

Lush for Your Health 

“Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort.”

A Lunette Cup is nourishment for your vagina. And using one is a gorgeous act of self-love. How so, you ask? 

Certain tampons, pads and menstrual cups on the market contain plastic. Whereas a Lunette Cup is plastic-free. That means it doesn’t contain any of the nasty chemicals that are usually added to plastic products during the production process, such as BPA and DEHP (find out why these chemicals are bad for your body in this blog).

So what is a Lunette Cup made from? Medical-grade silicone. A material tested and approved by the FDA for biocompatibility (it doesn't produce toxic responses when exposed to your body).

And to ensure our cup contains no chemical residue from cross-contamination during the production process, we recently tested it for chemical safety against others on the market. A leading chemical research facility in Denmark found that our product was the only one to pass with zero chemical residue. Proof that a Lunette Cup loves your body like no other. 

Your Burning Questions Answered 

Now you know the saucy benefits of a Lunette Cup, let’s get you cup-smart so you can use one with confidence. 

What size Lunette Cup should I get?

It all depends on your body. We have two sizes: Model 1 is designed for those who have a light to normal flow (if you change your sanitary pad or tampon one-to-three times a day, that’s you). It’s also made of silky-soft silicone making it easier to insert, especially for teens and beginners. 

Model 2 is slightly bigger than Model 1 and is made from firmer silicone. If you have a normal to heavy flow or have delivered a baby vaginally, this size should fit you like a glove.

How long can I keep the menstrual cup in?

Anyone rocking a heavy flow will need to empty and clean their cup every few hours to avoid leakage. 

Those with a light flow can wear a menstrual cup for up to 12 hours (much longer than a tampon which shouldn't be left in for more than four to eight hours). That means you can sleep overnight and enjoy sleeping in while using a menstrual cup so long as you empty and clean it before bedtime. 

I’m having problems using a cup for the first time. What can I do?

Using a cup for the first time can be challenging for anyone. It’s a bit like riding a bike, there’s a learning curve, but once you’ve got the hang of it you won’t struggle again.

If you’re finding insertion tricky, take a deep breath and relax. Chances are your vaginal muscles have tightened from stress or anticipation, making it more difficult to insert your cup. Find a way to release all that tension in your body and you should have no problems.

Also, if you aren’t already, it’s time to get cozy with your vagina! Our Anatomy 101 guide is a groovy place to start. It’ll be easier to position your cup properly once you’re body-smart. 

How to clean a Lunette Cup?

Wash your paws, remove your cup, and empty its contents in the toilet. Then you can take your cup to a sink and clean it with a mild liquid soap (ideally one that’s sulfite and paraben-free like our Feelbetter Cup Cleanser). 

If you’re using a cup for the first time, boil it in a pot of water for 20 minutes to sterilize it. You can place it in a sieve to prevent contact with the bottom of the pan so it doesn’t burn. 

Not loving the idea of washing your cup in a public bathroom? No worries. Carry a bottle of water with you so you can clean it in a personal stall. Or purchase our specially-made cup wipes (which are made from biodegradable viscose) to wash your cup on-the-go!

Will I lose my virginity when using a cup?

Nope!  Your hymen is a cuff of tissue at the entrance to the vagina and is like a hair scrunchy, inserting anything into the vagina through the hymen will simply stretch the hymen. It is usually not possible to tell if someone is a virgin by looking at the hymen, the only way to tell is to ask the person. 

Virginity is a ‘quality’ you have (in your head or in your heart) and you can’t lose it or it can’t be taken off you.  Only you can choose to share that quality with someone.

You Deserve This 

The buy button looks less intimidating now, right? Because you know you’re making a crazy-good investment, a Lunette Cup really will make you feel healthier and happier. And if there’s anyone who deserves to be treated like a divine being, it’s you.