Going With The Flow: Gen Z vs Millennials

After working hard to break bloody taboos surrounding menstruation for over FOURTEEN years now, it was no surprise to us that a recent survey* showed Gen Z is more open than other generations when it comes to talking about their periods.

The study we conducted included 2,000 women**, ages 18 to 38, and it found that the mindset is being totally shifted when it comes to reproductive health. Leading that movement was none other than Gen Z.

While 65% of surveyors thought menstruation shame still existed in today’s society, the majority of them recognized that periods are a totally natural process and should be discussed by everyone - including men.

At least that’s what 83 percent of Gen Zers felt compared to 72 percent of Millennials.

But if periods are so natural and nothing to feel gross about, why do we find that we’re still hiding tampons up our sleeves and in our socks - and making up excuses other than our periods when we have to miss work due to heavy bleeding, cramping, headaches, stomach aches and diarrhea.

After all, nearly half of us have had to miss work for this exact reason, with 92% of us admitting that we’ve had to alter our day-to-day lives simply because we’re on our periods.

Think that statistic is high?

Picture it.

It’s summer time and the living’s easy.

You get a call to come join your posse for the ultimate pool party, complete with margaritas and pineapple-shaped floaties. And while you don’t have to worry about a tampon string showing or any other kind of bloody mess with your Lunette Cup, you can’t stop your head from pounding - or even worse, the feeling in your stomach that says you may just poop your pants at any given moment.

So rather than risk it, you take a rain check and stay home to watch reruns of the Bachelor in Paradise with a heating pad on your pelvis.

At least that’s what 66% of surveyors told us they’d probably do.

Maybe not in that much detail, but you catch our drift.

And that’s not all.

Maybe you’ve been talking to a hottie for some time now and you finally decide to ask them out. Regardless of the plans you’ve mapped out, 38 percent of you say that being on your period is a completely normal reason to cancel your date. As a matter of fact, the average young woman surveyed has actually had to cancel a date three times in the last year for that exact reason.

While many of you say you’re comfortable talking about your periods with any sex, we have a sneaking suspicion you may not have disclosed this information when canceling on that cutie for the third time in a row.

So what else can we do to continue changing the conversation?

We have our own ideas, but we’d LOVE to hear your thoughts below.

*You can read about our survey in full detail here.

**All respondents have had the opportunity to identify their sex.